Sunday, 4 July 2010

virtual reality

how is it possible to know the effectiveness of blogging/ twittering/ webbing? and to what purpose? I welcome views on this.


  1. There is no way of knowing how effective this will be in furthering our careers, but I am with you on the whole twitter thing. It is aptly named, I feel like a twit using it, However, I am finding the blog quite useful as a way to kickstart my writing day. I hope you find it helpful too. In the meantime, I love the design of your blog page. Very pretty.

  2. Hi,
    Like you two I was worried about twitter, but only being on there about 2 weeks I already have an editor as one of my followers!! I think as long as we are sensible and follow the instructions we might be surprised at the outcome!

  3. Quiz for my followers
    where is this quoation from?

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