Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Scary twitting and blogging.

I have just had this discussion with one of my fellow students on the Professional Writing MA about followers on twitter, some of the people following us, we have no idea who they are. Also we have both checked the stats views on blogger, and we are both attracting views from people in countries, who 1. by no stretch of the imagination can have any connection with us, and 2. English is definitely not their first language, and, 3. must have very little to do in their lives except scan random messages.More sinister than this? Don't know, don't like it, already been scammed, it wasn't nice.
   If Frankie and I, who I was talking about this to earlier on, were on a night out, and a couple of people who we didn't know suddenly started following us, we would probably hide, or maybe even ring the police. OK, I know there is a facility on twitter etc to block people but, somehow or other just randomly just picking up followers, for some strange reason only known to themselves, well, it just doesn't feel right.

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