Thursday, 28 October 2010

Poetry is alive and well and living in Belfast

In this past week I have received no fewer than 4 invites to poetry book launches in Belfast, plus a similar number of invites to readings. All this in the small region/province of Northern Ireland. I also receive poetry invites and newsletters form the Republic of Ireland and Dublin is just as close to me as Belfast, so there is really no excuse for not taking up some of these invitations, except if I went to everything I got an invite for I wouldn't have time for anything else. So why this phenomenon in Belfast? It may to be something to do with the Seamus Heany Centre for poetry: ( )  this is the academic side of it, equally there are slams, poetry evenings, poetry tours, events all over the entire country, we must have quite a significant percentage of our population writing poetry. Maybe it's the same everywhere someone please do the calculation and let me know.

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