Monday, 8 November 2010

Sore heads seems to be the order of the day.

What a coincidence! I am doing my uni thing and reading my fellow-students blogs and at least three of us are suffering from sore heads. Is it the time of the year? Stress? High blood pressure ( Frankie) is one cause I seem to have an allergy to moulds and fungi so any time I go into an environment with spores of these organisms I have a mighty headache for the following 12 hours.Unfortunately the advised medication of anti-histamines makes me completely non-functioning so I am either eating pain killers or going about the place with a cross look on my face. The associated symptoms of blocked sinus, sore ears,  and sore neck make my posture not unlike that of the hunchback of Notre Dame, and I have black rings under my eyes that a zombie would be proud of.

     I was torn between wondering was I 'sick' and therefore should stay in and feel sorry for myself,  or talk myself into going out into the fresh air. Well I ended up in the fresh air on Saturday morning working in the garden. The runner beans needed taking down and the seed pods collected for next year, there is about fifty pansies to be planted out,  and the plastic summer chairs needed cleaning and putting away for the winter. So after a while I found more and more jobs: clearing the decking, putting all the old empty flower pots in the green house,  and clearing some rubbish out of the shed. I potted up some primulas and a few of the pansies and moved the tubs close into the shed wall to protect them in the winter.I also had arranged for a sweep assisted by his friend Sooty to come and clean the chimney as I would like to light the coal fire during the winter. This also meant the coal bunker had to be cleared out and moved in anticipation of a delivery of coal.I decided to stay out until Sweep arrived, eta 12.30pm and make the lunch when he left. 1.30 pm I was still working outside and the rain was now quite heavy, he still hadn't arrived so I decided to take down half a dozen giant sunflowers and find out if the seed heads were viable and could be used for the birds over the winter.

     He finally rang, lost. The directions I had given him proved to be useless, 'follow the sign for Santa's Cottage' I said. He said 'yeah?' I said 'Yeah, and if you are lucky you will see him walking the reindeer.'  There are  signs for Santa's Cottage at the end of our road, and  he does have a reindeer.

     Final garden job was scattering a bucket of soot over next year's vegetable patch at 2.30 pm  before going in for a shower and lunch. Despite being outside for 4 hours, 1 of those with the rain running through my hair I found out the fresh air made me feel better, no headache, and I was ready to save the world.

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