Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Virtual Telepathy

Science fiction often explored the possibility of telepathy.Some in the genre promote the idea that as civilisation becomes more advanced, somehow or other humans will evolve telepathic skills.Even in this day and age there are people who claim to be able to know what someone else is thinking.

We practice telepathy: yes we do. I am sure just about everyone can give you an example of when they were aware of 'something telling them' to go or to do or to act in a particular way, and they can recount the details of the consequences of either acting on this impulse or not.There are times when we just 'know.'

I would argue wanting to know is one of the things that make humans tick, it drives scientific enquiry, it takes us to new places, in the past this instinct caused humans to explore the world, now we want to explore space. It drives literature and the media, we are more hungry than ever for news, celeb gossip, we are constantly online, we now have the ability to communicate across the world, and space, in seconds.


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