Sunday, 6 February 2011

Re-branded, coming out as a nature writer.

Nature writing is well loved and established in the US. Attitude towards anything that smells of nature in the UK condemns the writer to the woolly socks in sandals brigade.This is a bit unfair given the popularity of TV shows, just about every night, on the subject of nature, and the books that go with them. And aren't some of best loved poets nature writers, Seamus Heany, Ted Hughes, and Dylan Thomas.So I'm joining the club. I love the outdoors and I love the 'sense of place' that's just on your own doorstep.You don't have to travel far to find out about the nature of people, the world or the universe, just go out the front door. I make no apologies for being a nature writer. And I think people who love reading anything that comes within this universe, and who may be accused of being sentimental should not have to make any apologies either.

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